About Simplify

Simplify is a marketing and consulting firm dedicated to helping global brands to market to Chinese consumers not just in mainland China but around the world. The company is founded by Steven & Jordan whom just happened to meet at an Alibaba event. The two clicked right away and both agree that there is a lack of transparency and essential knowledge and the truth about selling to Chinese consumers and doing business in China as a foreign brand. And Simplify was created to solve this issue by providing an honest and realistic approach to marketing and selling to Chinese consumers.

Meet the team

Steven Yang  

Chief Growth Officer

Steve loves marketing, growth strategies, startup and technologies. He has been helping business around the world with their growth and digital marketing strategy for the past 8+ years.

Jordan Sun  

Chief Operations Officer

20 years FMCG experience in China, used to be the senior sales director-Great China, and Regional General Manager in global famous multinational consumer good company in China.

Evgeny Bazhov 

Senior Strategist 

Evgeny has consulted for large Russian corporation in China and started several of his own business in China. Evgeny hold an Executive MBA and PhD degree in Business Management and is the author of 3 books on doing business in China.

Winston Wang

Director of Sales

Passionate in sales channels and sales programs breakthrough, as well as team engagement and development.20 years B2B experience in Multinational and China renowned companies. 

Nicole Ni 

Social Media Director

10 years experience in advertisement industry and used to worked for and cooperation with many famous brands. 

Miao Yu 

Creative Director

16 years experience in English education, training and school management. Used to be the director as operation and course development in New Oriental English School, the biggest offline English training company in China

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