How to Get More Subscriber on Ximalaya


STEVE: Okay, so what about getting? I mean, I know that was sort of want to ask one thing that kind that goes into, what about getting subscribers for a show? Is there a particular way to deal with it. 

FEI: Yeah... 

STEVE: Because If you don’t have anyone listening to your show It doesn't matter if you have Ximalaya or application

FEI: So, but there are some to pursue it.

Part one is you guys should all take our China Course and if not, You should at least start with Steve's course on "How to establish a WeChat presence, especially with a WeChat official account." This is the case if you already should have a successful blogger in North America, you might as well re-purpose your content and track. You know, the Chinese listener is the content could also be in English because it's easier for Chinese to read than to listen. Even better to do both, this number one. 

The second thing is that also goes without saying to make sure the quality of your show is fine. If it's really hard for people to listen to or with very little contacts. It doesn't help another one is consistency so If you tell your listeners that you're publishing on Wednesday at 8 a.m. Every week, just make sure you do it because even if you skip one week. But it is just a complete lack of consistency is when subscribers will not come or will worn out, will not stick around the third thing...Go ahead... 

STEVE:  I actually see a lot of companies make this mistake is they sort of do podcasting and they started to get into it because they like okay. This is a great new way for us to track more clients and so on so forth and then they go They get fired up and they do a whole bunch of episodes where they never really think through their strategy or they never came through there. Like what exactly is how often are going to release it? And then when we're two things happened, you know...

If you have a huge Network and you happen to be in the topic where there's a lot of people that you can talk to if you're doing interviews, I guess then you can sort of sustained or sometimes they just kind of fizzle out because they put so much energy in the beginning and get tired of it because if you creating so much If you're creating like five or six podcast months, you gotta keep up with five to six podcasts a month. And I can be a bit call because you sort of do run out of content at some point right now.

FEI: Yeah... 

STEVE: You got to be very creative about how you do the rest of the episodes so yeah.. I do see that problem. So yeah, I You know I had to agree on the fact that you should be spacing out. I really think about this stuff before you launch any kind of podcast.

FEI: For sure, and absolutely two more things that are unique to Ximalaya and that's not available on iTunes or Google Play is that and I'm going to explain these things and details in my next course.

"Which is number one Ximalaya had these amazing promotional opportunities that could come to you for free."

I when I saw the banner the landing page that they published I was I was thinking this is Too good to be true and no wonder why there's a beta and next to it. Maybe this doesn't even work but turns out if you are new show and you have been consistently publishing your episode and your cover art is not crappy. It's somewhat, you know. nice looking and such they will take a chance on you and they will put your show on their homepage inside a carousel rotating Carousel for a Set period of time and the general so I applied. So, you have something like 3 to 5 chances to apply. So even if they rejected you first you have another chance to apply for so I did when did I do it? I did it about 6 months ago and within 24 hours, they announced to say my application was approved and that the very same time I saw my cover art. I saw my album published on the homepage of the Ximalaya mobile app now. Not everybody's on the homepage of the time so don't get too excited because people in there shows. 

STEVE: That's a good point... Are people using Ximalaya application more often and then do they use sort of the search function? to certifying things? 

FEI: Everybody on mobile some people on desktop if I have to guess in China's probably 90% mobile 10% desktop thats very pathetic. Before that. What was your second question? 

STEVE: Nobody like you if there are mobile are, they? So, one of the ways we would have find it I'll acting is the search where this gets recommended to them. What's push to them through other channels, but Like Ximalaya are people actively searching that's probably one of the ways to purify shows. That's that's my question.

FEI: Yes, People are searching and the recommendation engine is going at full force within Ximalaya. It does recommend as you're listening to one Episode. I just say it's already telling you might also like these completely random shows that they think you will like as well. So, it is certainly there, and people do search what people tend to do is they go to a specific category. So, if you like stand-up comedy as an example we use where you like to study English you can go back to the English category. Within foreign language and you can search more shows alongside of that.  

STEVE: Okay, I mean that's pretty cool! So, one of the ways to get fires to have your figure out what the keyword sort of people are searching for. 

FEI: Yeah...

STEVE: Yeah, that’s gonna be in Chinese or working you have English ones as well. So, both I did try this as well.

"My show was originally and in English I immediately then added Chinese because I find the English search to really not work as well."

I mean we both came from like digital marketing. So, we pretty much know that the reason because it's the search algorithm doesn't really work the same English versus Chinese. "So, the Chinese one. Definitely works a lot better." So, I would say that's a good point if you're going to launch a show. You know pay someone or ask me for myself too, and your translator

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