The Truth About Uber’s Failure in China


STEVEN: Right, it sound like Uber.  

JEFF: They come in strong advantage and then they sell Alibaba at the right home and time. Step out, then Alibaba stake is worth more than all of Yahoo! 15 years later, right?

STEVEN: So you're saying I mean technically Uber plays the same. I don't think they wanted to but they did the exact same thing, but it probably could have done, right?  

JEFF: Uber did beautiful, Uber did absolutely, beautiful. Cayman fired at the market at the right moment in time.

STEVEN: Right?

JEFF: Cut a deal which they could never have cut if they had bought. Now they are 18 to 20% of 20% of GDP.

STEVEN: 20% of GDP.

JEFF: Which who knows? that’s gonna work in 5 to 10 years. Yeah, I mean they did beautifully. Yahoo! did something amazing. You just have to know like I'm strong today? I won't be strong in 5 years.What’s my plan for that?

STEVEN: Right, right

JEFF: Sell? Develop a new advantage? You know. That usually takes companies in trouble. They usually have an answer to that question of what's my advantage today?


JEFF: They often don't realize it's payday when going away

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