What Do Chinese Consumer Really Mean By Healthy Food


JEFF: Why give you like if there's poles of Chinese consumers, like what do you care about one our issue, like health?


JEFF: But if you ask them what they mean by that, okay, so you want healthy food? What does that mean? They don't mean, low in salt, low in fat.

STEVEN: That, they mean

JEFF: They mean food that is safe to eat.

STEVEN: Yeah, well, that's speak to

JEFF: Is KFC healthy food and they say yes.


JEFF: KFC is considered healthy.


JEFF: Because it is safe to eat, nobody gets sick.

STEVEN: Yeah, I mean this is intuitive to Chinese people because you know, when you grow up your call like this is dirty. Don't go eat there. You're going to get sick from that. Like, we don’t know them. It's very intuitive to us because I kind of get that like if I don't I don't ever worry about what I eat in Canada. What States would I go in China is like

JEFF: Right

STEVEN: You should I eat that. Like we don't know what that is. Like this is like a very common thing. So yeah food safety is 100% a very competitive advantage in China for sure.

JEFF: Well, McDonald's would give tours of their kitchens right, and they would have consumers impressed do tours of their kitchens. Okay, whatever. If you see a lot of Chinese restaurants that have kitchens. Like, It's not good.

STEVEN: No it’s not

JEFF: The oils have been there, who knows how long and then you see the sparkling clean McDonald's kitchen.


JEFF: That's that was a powerful move like in the city you give a tour of your kitchen at McDonald's.


JEFF: So they're very smart like, you know.

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