Why Chinese National Brands Need To Think About Expanding Globally


CHRIS: I think we're China struggling right now and where it'll be interesting to see how this plays out over the next 3 to 5 years is how Chinese businesses expand beyond China?

I think they’re going to struggle. I mean, Google just announced today that they're going to cut off Android Services. So like, those are the types of things that I think are going to make or break whether not China plays a bigger role. They're obviously going to play a role in the global scale. But if they're ever going to play a larger role the interaction of Government is perceived interaction of the government. All that stuff is going to play a large role in this just isn't brand trust. I mean, WeChat, Tencent maybe has at least my opinion, has some of that more than others and maybe Alibaba as well, but beyond that like there aren't Chinese companies that are really I mean while I tried to and it failed miserably now and maybe they can rebound, maybe they can pivot and intent to figure out how to do that. But that's going to be the biggest.

Whether it's completely true or not. The perception is all that matters and Chinese business is working well outside of China is going to be the key to trying to influence beyond where they're at today. Today will be like if you can't just have a business. It can be 20 billion, hundred billion dollar business in China, but in order to have an impact in. You're up in Australia and North America in all these other countries these companies are going to be the ones that have to take to do that. I just don't see the path today. But, I'm sure they can figure it out.

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