Why The Star Wars Franchise Failed Terribly in China


STEVEN: Exactly

JEFF: I do write some articles about, like I wrote a series called what to do when you fail in China and I look into various companies.Exactly, you know who failed huge in China Star Wars.

STEVEN: Oh Yeah, I read about that.

JEFF: It’s huge! Totally complete like

STEVEN: Are they coming back a little bit now?

JEFF: No, they

STEVEN: Not at all

JEFF: They did Mediocre with the Force Awakens. They did worse with Rogue One and The Last Jedi open and close in China from the theaters 9 days or something like that.

STEVEN: Right?

JEFF: It was a total and complete nobody went to see it.


JEFF: And now you know they are just dead in the water in China. They start from zero. But, as I kind of said. It’s okay, you know, Chinese consumers always give you another chance so if they come back with. If they launch a new movie in China for Star Wars, nobody has any idea what Star Wars are. Like they have no idea who Skywalker is


JEFF: But, if you make a good movie that assumes that nobody has any idea who these characters are? Chinese consumers will go see it. A funny thing about it is. Like it's all Disney. Right! And know I kinda headed that Disney. Like Marvel is just rocking and rolling.

STEVEN: Yeah, Avengers doing well, right I mean  

JEFF: Like it's incredible how popular the Avengers are in China.


JEFF: It’s the same company that's doing the Avengers and is also doing Disney and Disney just the biggest failure in China like and it's the same, It's the same company.

STEVEN: You mean Disney, Disneyland or Disney in general?

JEFF: Disney owns both franchises

STEVEN: Right I know that. No, but I mean when you say Disney failure in China like are you talking about the Shanghai Disneyland?

JEFF: Star Wars, no I’m talking about Star Wars

STEVEN: Okay, okay, but I heard Disneyland is like over packed. I haven't been there myself nor do I want to because it's like

JEFF: Yeah, that’s a home run. It's a home run for them.


JEFF: Disney does very very well in China

STEVEN: But Star Wars. 

JEFF: But Star Wars is just like they, particularly in China. The good example is the Fast and the Furious? Like the Fast and the Furious makes more money in China than it doesn't the US. However Was not true for most of those movies. Most of those movies didn't do well in and then they, I think it was number 5 or number 6  when China started liking it.

STEVEN: Oh, really? Okay.

JEFF: So, the lesson there is like. You know, you always get a second chance. That movie was not doing well in China. You know it is done beautifully better than the US.


JEFF: So, you know, you always get another turn back in China. So, Star Wars will come back and just rock and roll in China.

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