Why You Could Never Really Fail in China as a Foreign Business


JEFF: Funny contrast is the known which I just mentioned got blown out in China about 15 years ago. They came back later without a, without their partner, which was the problem that had there been a dispute. And they came back. What is one of the main products, Nestle or I'm sorry, known is its milk. Well, it turns out foreign companies actually have a pretty big advantage in milk yogurt because of the health food scares that were happening in Chinese Consumers really had a strong preference for foreign milk and those products because they were perceived as safe.


JEFF: So you know, maybe the second half of their story is like blown in Phase 1, Phase 2 we came back and suddenly being a foreign dairy company.


JEFF: What's a real advantage


JEFF: Here's the great thing about China. It's a very brutal market. It is absolutely, you know a knife fight in terms of competition and every, Dude everybody. Goes down.


JEFF: Example, you know. The saving grace is it changes so fast that you always get a second chance. Like, If you fail today. Give it a couple years because the market changes so fast and consumers change so fast that you always get a second chance

STEVEN: Right, Right

JEFF: And most markets don't give you that.

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