How to Determine Your China SEO Link Building Strategies

There are three major factors that determines your ranking on Baidu, one is the so call on page factor which we covered in-depth in the second chapter: Understanding Baidu SEO Algorithm.

The other two factor is content and building blacklinks. In fact, a majority of all your Baidu SEO effort will be to attract and build blacklinks for your website.

In this chapter of mastering Baidu SEM in China, we’re going to go over one of the key fundamental driver of SEO success on Baidu and other search engines in China, backlinks.

What The Heck is Link Building

With Baidu SEO the idea of backlink is when an external website or social platform creates a link to your website which is also why backlinks are often refer to as “eternal links” or “inbound links”.

In order for search engine to determine your website is ranking for a particular keyword, it look for eternal signs that signal your webpage is relevant to the keyword and of quality. And the best way to do that is to look whether other cool, awesome and relevant website votes for your website by linking to you.

These “backlinks” are then picked up by the search engine’s crawler and assigned an value which is sometimes refer to as link juice.

Here’s how it looks in action:

Link juice is really the search engine’s algorithm trying to determine whether a backlink(vote) is a good, bad, or fraud vote. The more good votes your site get the better you’re going to rank for a particular keyword.

How a search engine determines backlink value will vary from search engines to search engines, Baidu will have a different way of valuing backlinks than Google but generally speaking most search engine will look for the following criteria to determine the value of a backlink.

How Baidu and China Search Engines Assign Values to Links

While no one will fully understand the exact proprietary metric or measurement that Baidu and other Chinese search engine uses to determine to backlink quality, here are the few rule of thumb that we stick to when creating a backlink profile in China.

Other Sites Hosted in China

I should come to no surprise to you that Baidu and all other Chinese search engines value internal link from another mainland Chinese site more than external linking from a foreign website hosted outside of China.

This is because, for one it is unlikely that foreign website will be able to find Chinese site due to Google being restricted in China and the Great Firewall, so from Baidu and other Chinese search engine’s perspective it doesn’t make much sense if your site will attract a lot of foreign none Chinese links.

Second, getting links from other authority and highly trusted China hosted website will be a high indication of dedication and relevance to China’s market.

This is not to say that all foreign link is useless as it will highly depend on the source of the link but for the most part if you’re planning to do SEO in China or on Baidu we recommend following a China-based external link strategy.

Relevant Websites or Content

You can get backlinks from any site and Baidu will pick it up. However, getting backlinks from website that are relevant website with relevant content will be valued