The Ultimate Guide on How to Market to China

“The perfect resources on marketing and scaling your foreign business in China for executives and foreign business owners who are confused about China.”

The Ultimate Guide on How to Marketing to China is full of insights and strategy for Chairman, Founders, CEO, CMO and business owners and anyone else looking to expand their brand in China the successful way.

Read it now and refine your China marketing strategies and plan without wasting millions of dollar by starting off on the wrong foot.

Who is This Guide For?

This guide is for Chairman, CEO, CMO, or any executives who just can’t get China figured out. This is also for any foreign brand, founder and business owner who are straggling to succeed in China.

Finally, this guide will also be very useful for any marketing managers who are looking to hone their current skills and get up to speed on the latest marketing tactics in China.

Why Do You Want Market to China?

There are many reasons why China is such a desirable market to enter. The timing of course place a big part of that. If we rewind the clock back 20 to 30 years, China is not a desirable country for a most foreign brand.

Fast track to today, due to the intent of the “World Wide Web”, the world moving towards globalization (we still have ways to go but definitely moving), the rapid growth of China’s economy and Chinese consumer’s purchasing power, all of a sudden China became a very desirable country to entry for many foreign businesses and brands.

Here are a few more reasons why China is so unique country to market to:

The population: China is the most populated country in the world with India following very closely in second place. Right after India is the United State with ~334 million people which only accounts for 24% of the population in China. If your product or service is able to saturate 100% the US Market it will only account for 24% of China’s market.

The Growing Economy: Population is a factor but not the only factor. By comparison, India would also be a great candidate and I personally believe it is but there are a few reasons why China is different than India and China’s rapid economic growth in the past 20 years is a big one.

The Geographic Location: China is located in the center of Asia. It is below Russia, kind of above India and surrounds by countries such as Japan, South Korea, Vitamin, etc.  Because of its location, China becomes the ideal location to be the center of business in APAC.

The Density: As a business, the most ideal market place to be in is one of a large population or high density of a small population. China has both a large population and a high density which makes advertising and marketing all that much more efficient and scaling that much more either.  

The Spectrum of Market Segments: No other country in the world is as unique as China when it comes to the spectrum of market segments that you can market to. Because of the tier system China literally has a market segment of the super wealthy, a market segment of the super poor and everything in between.  

The Consumers: Simply put at least as of right now Chinese consumer has the purchasing power due to the rapid growth of China’s economy and most importantly, they’re hungry and willing to spend their money for quality and premium brand foreign products.

The Benefits of Reading This Guide

China is a very nosey and difficult market to crack. Many famous foreign brands have tried and failed and only a handful remain standing in China.

This is not to discourage you to market your product and service to China, but rather to set expectations of what it will take to succeed in China as a foreign business and brand. This guide will be your source of light in China and will help you in multiple ways:

  • It will provide you with clarity and a much deeper understanding of China, it’s market and the Chinese consumers.
  • It will set you on the right path by providing the right mindset and a framework to understand your target market in China.
  • It will help you create your “Path of the Dragon®” so you can convert new customers into raving fans and increase their lifetime value.
  • It will length your retention rate and increase your word of the month in China with Wechat automation marketing and social branding tactics.
  • It will shorten your sales process and reduce the buyer decision cycle by presenting the right offers at the right time.
  • It will help you to sell your products cross-border with the property Cross-Border e-commerce strategy in China.
  • And much more…

Learn the Mindsets and Fundamentals that Gets Results in China

At Simplify, our vision is to simplify the process of marketing to China for brands all across the world and clear the confusion around what actually works and will help you grow your business in China, rather than providing you with what is the most popular tactics.

The truth is most of the information that is currently available on marketing to China or doing business in China is either outdated, wrong, completely lack substance, or they’re just news. We don’t believe in quick fixes and are against the so call “experts” who promotes “Wechat marketing”, “Baidu SEO”, “KOL marketing” with out providing you with the right mindset and fundamentals of marketing to China.

How Updated Is Guide?

The world changes, what worked yesterday may not work today and this is especially true in China. We get that this is why we’ll regularly update this guide to keep you informed with what’s working now in China.

However, the goal of this Ultimate Guide to Marking to China is to provide you a way of thinking and understanding of China so that you can create a plan that works for your brand, culture and integrate it with China’s environment.

About The Ultimate Guide on Marketing to China

The Ultimate Guide to Marketing in China is not your typical marketing book that has a lot of theory with zero actual substance nor does it contain shallow tactics or hype about the latest flashy marketing or advertising tactics in China online or offline.

Rather the goal of this guide is to present you with the necessary knowledge and mindset that it is required to approach marketing and growing your brand in China. It is a way of thinking and approach on marketing to China within the content of the goals and KPI that businesses care about.

This is also not a Wechat marketing guide or a Baidu SEO guide. While we’ll definitely be talking about these as they will be important for your China marketing strategies. What’s more important for us to cover in this guide is rather how to execute and implement these tactics to acquire new customers, increasing the life time customer value, and creating communities and brand evangelist and promoters.

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