The Ultimate Guide to WeChat Marketing

Welcome to the Ultimate WeChat Marketing Guide and we’re damn serious about keeping this the most ultimate guide on WeChat in the world. Our goal for this guide is to make sure that it is the most up to date and the best is full of insights and strategy for business owners, marketing professionals, students, and anyone else looking to hone their current skills and get up to speed on the latest in digital marketing.

Read it now to build or refine your digital marketing plan without the false starts and missteps that come with doing it alone.

What is WeChat

Arguably WeChat is the most popular social media app in China, although it’s a lot more than a social media app. It is conceived by Tencent in 2011 the same company that is known for creating QQ in China which is sort of a Chinese version of ICQ if anyone still remembers those days before it was replaced by MSN messenger. 

While, both ICQ and MSN messenger are not obsolete, ICQ is actually still the most popular chat app in China and yes I’m including WeChat. The reason why ICQ is not as popular as saying WeChat to westerners even today is that it is a desktop chat app while WeChat is a primary a mobile chat app and the world is moving towards a mobile-first, which is especially true in China.

Anyway, if you’re going to do business in China, chances are you’ll need to know how to use WeChat because that’s how pretty much every Chinese person uses nowadays to communicate but don’t take my word for it here are some impressive statics


Why WeChat for Marketing

If the impressive stats haven’t convinced you yet on the importance of Wechat to your success in growing your brand/business in China then here are a few other reasons:

  1. WeChat is the primary way Chinese people in mainland China communicate, so even if you’re not going to leveraging WeChat as part of your marketing in China you’ll have to use it to communicate with your team, JV partners, or potential clients.
  2. WeChat pay which will discuss in more detail later is one of the most popular payment systems in China right alongside Alipay that is owned by Alibaba.
  3. Email is not popular and rarely used in China which means if you’re looking to implement advanced automation marketing digitally anyway WeChat is your best friend.
  4. WeChat can be used to do customer services as well.
  5. WeChat allows you to create more sophisticated integration with your business through the mini program

Benefits of Leveraging WeChat For Your Marketing in China

With the rise of the internet and the mobile world in China, there are many ways and channels you can actively market your business through and depending on your resources and budget you’ll probably have to limit yourself to a few selective channels versus doing it all. So why should you choose WeChat over Baidu or Toutiao to spend your marketing budget on in China?

  1. WeChat is a great support channel to all your other marketing and advertising efforts in China much like how email is in the west.
  2. It will make it easier to increase brand awareness and engagement with your customer as well as potential customers.
  3. It will make it easier to build trust and convert your typical customers into raving fans of your brands.
  4. It can establish you as a thought leader of your industry and market.
  5. It can ignite word of the month and increase potential referrals.

How We Keep this Guide Up to Date

Because WeChat changes rapidly like everything else in China, depending on when you’re reading this guide some of the topic, tactics, strategies we cover in this guide may be slightly updated.

However, we’ll do our best to keep this guide up to date whenever there is either a new patch, update or we’ve discovered a new tactic or strategy to market on WeChat. 

What You’ll Learn

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