Episode 14: How to Build an Awesome China B2B Strategy

Are you selling to other businesses or enterprises in China? In this episode, I invited Tim Lindeman who is currently the Chief Executive of Dimensional Insight China and a B2B business growth expert in China to share his 17 years experience and insights of growing a B2B business in China as a foreign ex-pat.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode

  • Leverage Tim’s 17 years of B2B insights in China and avoid the same mistakes he has made.
  • Learn how to develop a B2B China entry strategy for China.
  • How B2B sales process differ in China vs the West.
  • The single most important thing to market and sell your B2B services/products in China.
  • Get a insider’s look at how to do sales properly in China.
  • and much more…

About Tim Lindeman

Tim’s China journey began in 2000, immediately after I graduated from college with a degree in international relations. I arrived in China unable to speak a single sentence of Mandarin, but quickly immersed myself in Chinese and landed a job at Yonyou, China’s largest ERP vendor.

There I learned the inner workings of a Chinese software company and helped them recruit foreign technology partners. Later I had the good fortune of meeting the founders of Dimensional Insight (a data analytics software company) who hired me to set up and run their China subsidiary.

Through years of trial and error we relentlessly built up a sales channel and customer base, and Dimensional Insight is now a well-known brand in China’s healthcare IT industry.

Website: chinabizconnect.com
Email: tlindeman@chinabizconnect.com

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