Episode 30: The Implication of the TikTok Ban in the USA for Your Business

With Trump announcing a ban on Chinese mega app Tiktok (Douyin) and WeChat (Weixin), the US-China relationship is at an all-time low. While the implication of the ban is clear politically, what does it mean for American brands in the USA and American brands doing business in China?

In this episode, join us as we discuss this controversial and politically charged topic and spell out the positive and negative implications of this ban for American and other foreign brands doing business with Chinese consumers.

What you’ll learn in this episode…

  • The implication of the Tiktok and WeChat band for the USA and other foreign brands in and outside of China.
  • Why the ban on Tiktok may actually be good news for American companies.
  • The one long term implication of the ban for American companies doing business in China that no one talked about.
  • and much more…

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