Episode 8: How to Establish an Omni-Channel Brand Presence in China with Programmatic Advertising

Welcome to the 8th episode of Simplify China Podcast where we talk to Fred Ci from iPinYou one of the largest DPS provider in China about how to build an Omni-Channel brand presence using programmatic display advertising.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to develop an omni-presence branding experience in China.
  • How to level cross media target(remarketing or retargeting) in China.
  • The key metrics to look for when working with DPS in China.
  • The two different types of DPS in China and how to leverage them for your brand.
  • Advertising fraud in China and how to avoid being scammed.
  • And much more…

About Fred Ci
Fred is the Business Development Director at iPinYou, Fred Ci partners with international advertisers for Chinese media consulting, planning and campaign executions, with a primary focus on helping advertisers achieve marketing objectives by leveraging programmatic advertising products and cross-channel marketing solutions.

Fred’s has worked with clients across most industries in China. For example: eCommerce, Travel, Finance, Retail, Education, Real Estate where the Chinese audience contributes to the majority of the sales revenue of the international markets.

For More Information On iPinYou Visit:

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Thank you for inviting me Steve, it was an honor

No problem Fred, thanks for providing great information 🙂

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