Episode 9: China the Ultimate Startup with Jeffrey Towson

In this episode I invited my friend Jeffrey Towson to talk about why China is the Ultimate Startup, the top 3 reason why most foreign brand failed in China, and why failure is not the end in China.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why China is the ultimate start up in the world.
  • How the state can effect your business in China
  • The question to ask yourself before entering the China market.
  • The secret to become a “Winner Take All” business in China.
  • The myth of emergent markets
  • Why you should never learn from the successful companies in China.
  • Why Uber & Yahoo were a big success in China

About Jeff Towson
Jeff is a private equity investor, Peking University professor, best-selling author and keynote speaker. His writing and speaking are on digital China – and on Asia’s latest and most important technology trends.

Nicknamed China’s “celebrity professor” with more than 3 million plus follower on Linkedin. He was also the #1 LinkedIn Top Voice for Finance globally (2017) and #3 for China overall (2018). He was also named one of Alibaba’s 15 “Global Influencers” (2017, 2018).

For More Information On Jeff Visit:

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