How to Win with Baidu Paid Search

“Return on Investment” (ROI) that’s the name of the game, after all whether you building your business because you want to change the world, build your ideal life or you’re in it for the profit you’ll need revenue to grow.

With Baidu SEO, your ROI is going to be slow and you probably won’t see return on your investment for at-least a good 4 to 6 months at minimum. With Baidu PPC, Google PPC, or any other form of advertising for that matter you’ll typically see a return pretty quickly.

Difference Between Baidu and Google Ad Platforms

If you’re serious about succeeding with Baidu PPC then it should know that while there are some similarities between Google and Baidu but Baidu is not Google. Baidu is different and advertising on Baidu is different…

Account Creation

You can create a brand-new Google AdWords account in about 10 minutes or less if you know what you’re doing. Baidu, on the other hand, is going to take a considerable amount of effort and time as with many things in China.

For one Baidu Tuigang account will require a ton of supporting documentation and it will take a minimum of 2 to 4 weeks to be approved. If you’re interested in opening up a Baidu Tuigang account here is an article, we wrote on how you can do that yourself.

Account Management

Contrary to the articles out there you can manage your own Baidu account and run ads yourself. Baidu just prefers that you work with one of their appointed agencies. However, even though you can manage and run ads yourself on Baidu would you really want to?

Google AdWords is in English and it is easy to get started but hard to master, Baidu, on the other hand, is hard to get started and hard to master.

Delivery Method

Google has 2 delivery methods, a standard which spread your ad budget throughout the day which is ideal for advertisers with a small business with a local marketing budget and Accelerated which spends your budget as fast as you can.

With Baidu, you don’t have any choice at all. There is only one delivery method and that is accelerated. This is also why getting results on Baidu will also be a lot more expensive even though CPM maybe cheaper.

The reality is advertising in China is expensive, Baidu is not the out lawyer rather the standard. If you don’t have sufficient budget for China, testing and figuring out the best performance on Baidu is very difficult.

Budget Requirement

With Google, there is virtually no requirement to start advertising on Adwords I believe you’ll need to be able to spend at least $10 a day and you can shut it off anytime. Baidu, on the other hand, require you to put down a minimum deposit of 30,000 RMB to just open up an account.

Of course, you don’t have to spend the 30,000 RMB all at once or even in a month, you can spend it however you like but you’ll have to spend it. This means that if for whatever reason Baidu ads are not working for you, you’re now out of 30,000 RMB.

To be fair, like I said previously advertising is expensive in China, and 30,000 is not a lot for most decent businesses.

It’s also worth mentioning that Baidu has a tool called Yusuan LeiJi Bao which is Baidu’s budget management tool that allows you to reallocate any remaining daily budget to a different day. Let’s say your daily budget is 50 RMB but you