How to Build Trust with Advance WeChat Automation

In today’s world big data, AI, and automation marketing has become these buzz words that businesses and marketer love to toss around to sound sophisticated. But very few people actually understand automation marketing well enough to truly leverage it.

Here in the west, a majority of the automation marketing is done via email and maybe SMS (text messaging) and is usually done in two forms one for B2B or professional services where there is a need to nurture leads and potential prospects.

The other is in the more FMCG, brand space where it’s all about automating the customer experience pre and post-purchase of your products, such as sending thank you messages, upsell emails, etc…

In China, automation marketing is still relatively new and, in many ways, very challenging. This is because the majority of the Chinese consumer don’t or rarely use email. So, email is not a great channel for communication in China.

This causes a problem because most of the automation here in the west is done through personalized email as it allows you to 1) personalize the email specifically for every customer (if you know what you’re doing), 2) create dynamic behavioral driven automation based on the user’s interactions, 3) able to send long or short messages with pictures and videos.

Although SMS (text message) is also used in automation marketing, it is far less used for a few reasons. You cannot really send an extremely long message because of people aren’t used to it, you cannot really attach files and large images as well and you cannot text someone as often as you can email someone or you take risk of being viewed as a spammer.

The point is, email is usually the best channel of communication when it comes to sophisticated automation marketing.

But in China, the email doesn’t work. Rather WeChat is the primary method of online communication that nearly every Chinese consumer use.

You may be thinking.

“So, what’s the big deal, just use WeChat automation instead of emails.”

The answer is not exactly. You simply cannot accomplish the same level of automation as you would with email automation.

While, if you leverage third-party WeChat automation tools such as ____ and _____. You can create rather sophisticated automation but it is far harder and more expensive…

Note: For English, Salesforce does support some WeChat automation integration with their CRM but honestly it’s not that great.

And Here is Why

First thing first, in order for you to do any kind of automation marketing in China you’ll have to have a WeChat Service Account, not personal or subscription account. The reason is while there are some automation features on the subscription account it is very limited.

With the service account on the other hand because it shows up as an individual chat on your WeChat’s chat list it allows your official account to direct message and interact with the subscribers of your service account.

The second, you’ll