Why You Need to Protect IP Before You Enter China


SAVIO: Which is a very important item of the second point is the Intellectual Property (IP), so you must pay attention to the IP in China because it's you know, Steve. Unlike America. China, is first to file. You're supposed to use that you can file your name first.What you are supposed to use on the right so you. I don't care how long and how big the company name is being around. If You don't file the name. The name and the trademark, your brand in China in Chinese and English. Some other, you know local guy know that all you know, Steve is going to China. Make your company here, they literally own the name.

STEVE: Yeah, so that's it yeah, that's actually that's one of the biggest concerns for most friends and they don't think about and I actually had another podcast the first episode which was I was at a law firm in Shanghai who we kind of went over the edge and your right. So and your advice is if you are ever even thinking about going to try to Go file, you know file for your intellectual properties first before you even hit China because it's just cause people can just take it and then do extortion with and I haven't quite a lot in China.

SAVIO: You know that you follow it in English and they forget that most Chinese consumers are most Chinese people they think and talk in Chinese. I don't think and talk in English.

STEVE: Right?

SAVIO: You know what, you know, what kind of brand, knew the right Law Firm and then they sit on. That the case and point you when Pfizer a giant in the US. You know when they first market? Viagra into China 

STEVE: Right, Right. Right, Right.

SAVIO: What is forget to file their Chinese name? You know in. and they really spend millions of dollars. So something about it, if you don't file the Chinese name, nobody calls it Viagra. I mean,

STEVE: Yeah, that's a very, it's very popular. But yeah, you actually know I get you.

SAVIO: IP first to file Is important, Chinese name? So the right lawyer to go so far as to before going to China. Go to China for trade show. Before you talk to any trade show attendees or talk to anybody? What your company Intention to go to China before you tell them anything about it. File it first.

STEVE: Yeah, I know because you know Chinese companies will copy you for sure.That is actually a very good advice because that's if they think there is potential. They will not hesitate your mouth. Ain't you?


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