Top 7 H5 Landing Page Creator in China for All Your WeChat & Social Media Needs

Around the world, businesses create landing pages, websites, video, animated gifs and images for their marketing creatives. In China, they do all of that too but with a special focus on building H5 campaigns.

You’re probably wondering, what the heck are H5 campaigns?

Well, H5 stands for HTML5, so really H5 campaigns are just single HTML5 page and they’re not all that different to creating a traditional landing page. The difference is, in China, people prefer using tons of illustrations artwork and animations, which HTML5 is great for.   

In addition, H5 campaigns are usually mobile-only meaning they don’t work on desktops since most Chinese consumers are mobile-only users. 

With H5 being super popular in China, there’s a large number of H5 builders that allow users to build H5 campaigns without needing technical skills. These builders have swarmed the market.  

There are two distinct categories among H5 campaign creation tools in China – Professional Interaction class and Template Assembly class.

Both categories are unique in their own way. For example, the template assembly class emphasizes template-based operations and production efficiency while paying little attentions to user interactions.

On the other hand, the professional interaction class stresses the virtues of user-interaction and the optimal use of the HTML5 language.

Here are the Top 5 H5 Campaign creator tools in China…


The official website for MAKA is an all-encompassing platform offering accessible H5 pages, micro-scenes and various prized assets for WeChat. In general, this platform is jam packed with world-class H5 templates, posters, holiday cards, electronic photo albums, creative posters, scene customization and more. The days of using Photoshop are well in the past with MAKA ready to help.

MAKA is also an exceptional tool for collecting data and running edits. However, it does struggle with managing promotions and brand awareness. When everything is assessed as a package, MAKA receives 3/5 stars.

1) Special Effects Templates
2) Straightforward Editing Page
3) Aesthetically Pleasing Templates
4) Ideal Operating Experience
1) Expensive VIP Prices
2) Limited Graphic Styles
Features:Easy to Use HTML5 Authoring Tool
Recommendation: ★★★☆☆

2. Xiu Mi   

XI MI offers tremendous rich page templates, long page graphics, multi-page scenes.

This platform is ideal for H5 production and public graphic layouts. In comparison to its competitors, this H5 production platform is all about functionality whether it involves different graphics, front covers, or the last page. While it’s customization features are minimized, the overall functionality is exceptional.

1) Easy to Use
2) Functional Graphic Layout
3) Straightforward Page Editing Function
1) Templates Aren’t Detailed
Features:Offers the Ability to Make Unique H5 Pages


EQXIU or “Easy Enterprise Show” is a robust H5 page production tool used for corporate promotions, e-cards, WeChat marketing promotions, professional scene productions, micro-magazines, invitations, and music photo albums. These are robust H5 cool pages with manageable one-click generation and ideal mobile Internet marketing options.

In terms of the editing functions, this is in line with the industry standards. While its promotional features and branding are elite. The unique promotional methods are immersive and powerful in addition to the meaningful data collection options.

1) One-Click H5 Generation
2) Tremendous Selection of Templates
3) Robust Template Classification Label Details
4) Easy To Get Started
5) Accessible Data
6) Mobile and Computer Usability (Cross Platform Operation)
1) Below-Par Template Quality
Started:Jul 2014
Features: Easy Enterprise Show is the earliest micro-scene platform, the most abundant material case

4. Rabbit Pre

Designed as a well-rounded proefssional production platform using H5 technology, The Rabbit Pre offers unique solutions for micro-scenes, templates, WeChat H5 pages, WeChat invitations, short videos, and scene applications. In fact, it is also ideal for managing mobile displays including PPT.

The tool is tremendously useful while editing photos. However, the text editor is not as strong, while the promotional and branding features remain middle of the pack. With regards to the data collection options, this tool doesn’t have any.

1) Beginner-Friendly Page Editing Options
2) Promotes DIY Approach at Times
3) Wonderful Selection of Templates  
1) Mobile Optimization is a Weak Point
Website: http: //
Started:Sep 2014
Features: Design beautiful mobile displays including PPT

5. RRXiu

RRXiu or “Renren Show” is a fascinating tool for designing H5 pages, WeChat activities, powdering activities, and H5 events. In general, this is a robust H5 page creation tool for producing PPT and provides a wonderful amount of independence in marketing.

When compared to its competitors, this platform offers an easy to use page editing function, while providing excellent interaction between elements. It’s also important to notice Renren Show’s intricate features including the artistic fonts, red envelope password and more. Each template is unique and enriching, which ensures it meets your needs head-on. Users also get the opportunity to customize H5 pages based on their marketing strategies.

Advantages: 1) Powerful
Interactive Options 2) Easy to Use Platform 3) Beautiful Selection of Templates
4) Multi-Terminal Adaptation 
Disadvantages: 1)
Entertainment-Centric Templates
Website: http: //
Features: Create an interactive show in less than three minutes
Started : Dec 2015

6. iH5

1) Ideal Platform for Professional Businesses, Marketers, and Designers
2) Customized H5 Tools
3) Robust Campaign Design Elements for Business Applications
1) Premium Pricing
Features: Research-based company with an emphasis towards interactive design tools in China
Started:Feb 2014

7. Zuiku

Located in the heart of Shenzhen, Coolest Network is China’s premier free mobile occassional application cloud service platform. This platform is built on the idea of enterprise mobile interactive marketing and unique business linking between people and companies.

It’s also aimed at delivering precise commercial mobile solutions while harnessing the power of Internet technology at a cost-efficient rate while boosting marketing conversion percentages.

It takes no more than a minute to get started and doesn’t require extensive designing expertise. The platform is beginner-friendly and works in a variety of ways including different application scenarios, content presentation forms, and more.

It does all of this by offering a fascinating list of rich controls, templates, and unique animation effects. Users can take control of this platform and make their own cloud scene applications with the power of content editing and image replacement.

From robust product displays, event conferences, interactive marketing, brand communication, corporate promotions, and personal uses (i.e. wedding invitations, parties, personal shows), this tool is useful in many different situations.

Started:Feb 2015
Features: Top mini-games using H5 occasional application for improved interactive marketing
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